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ChaletOnWheels - Chalet On Wheels: A NEW concept in luxury travel.

It LOOKS like a short drive on a map, but think again! Driving conditions and frequent road construction—especially in winter—can add HOURS to your trip from nearby airports to the Rocky Mountains. Make the most of those moments in the cozy comfort of your personal Chalet On Wheels! There is NO comparison to our luxury vehicles! You have arrived.

Our All NEW 2017 Fleet

Chalet On Wheels drives you from the airport to your ski resort ...and BACK—in style! Relax while Chalet On Wheels' professional drivers do ALL of the work for you!

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About Chalet On Wheels

Chalet On Wheels is a NEW concept in luxury travel. We're the most fun way to go between the airport and your vacation destination. Travel to the mountains in comfort. Ride with your OWN schedule, door-to-door in your personal Chalet On Wheels!

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Make A Reservation

Send us an email: INFO@ChaletOnWheels.com or CALL us at 970 471-3842 for more information, or to make your reservations. Please allow one business day for confirmation.

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“Our family used Chalet on Wheels to get to and from the Denver Airport on our last ski trip. It was so nice to have room in the RV for the kids to watch a movie while my husband took a snooze and I finished my book.

The food on board was delicious and the service was impeccable. We stayed in a luxury hotel, but the ride up and back was one of the highlights of our trip. We’ll use this service again the next time we go to Vail.”—Maria Garcia, Texas

“Best way on the planet to transport a 2 year old around Colorado. The driver was super friendly and also knew all the best places to make stops. We had a great time. I will never drive from Texas myself again!”—Mike Stewart, Texas